Reno Drain Oil Service


RDO’s Customers Matter

RDO provides quality environmental compliance services to thousands of Nevada businesses.

RDO serves the resource recovery and environmental compliance needs of hundreds of customers each day. Upon request, we can provide excellent references who have experienced RDO’s value and excellent record of service for themselves.

Client sectors served by RDO include:

  • Quick lube franchises
  • Auto dealerships
  • Retail auto service businesses
  • Truck dealerships & truck stops
  • Truck transportation companies
  • Environmental consulting firms
  • Heavy Equipment companies
  • Manufacturers
  • Mines
  • Railroads
  • Pipelines and terminals
  • Municipal and City Agencies
  • Airports and aviation-related companies
  • Federal agencies
  • Major oil companies
  • Materials companies
  • Electric utilities
  • Semiconductor manufactures
  • Wholesale oil distributors
  • State, County and City Government Agencies

If a local or regional business within our service area produces petroleum waste or petroleum waste byproducts it is almost a sure bet that RDO services their compliance needs and they are completely satisfied with our our numerous services and pricing.

RDO is a growing enterprise and as we grow our service area expands to accommodate more customers. We encourage you to contact us if you don’t see your service field on this list. We are flexible and do provide services outside our normal operating areas. We offer competitive pricing and will be more than glad to speak with you and reach amiable terms for service.

For more information or to set up service with RDO please contact our Transportation Department. Contact Us