Reno Drain Oil Service


Contaminated Wastewater Recycling

We collect oily waters with vacuum trucks designed to handle liquids. Our field service technicians are trained to professionally respond to customers’ needs on a regular or emergency basis.

The Company’s comprehensive Material Acceptance Protocol ensures all necessary testing requirements are met for a wide range of hydrocarbon-contaminated waters. Testing ensures that both RDO and its customers meet regulatory statutes for waste characterization. It also provides information needed to treat the materials in the most cost-effective manner.

RDO assists its customers in finding the fastest, safest, and most economic solution to waste water disposal issues.

RDO Waste Water Service is the recovery, transportation, processing, and disposal of a wide range of oil and industrial wastewaters. We provide:

  • Customized Services – RDO provides pumping service by means of specialized equipment and qualified field technicians.
  • Service To Multiple Industries – Typical sources of these materials containment basins in fuel storage sites, run off collection basins and manufacturing operations.
  • Compliance – Comprehensive material acceptance protocols and profiling ensure all material conforms to state and federal waste management regulations.
  • Closed-Loop Approach – Oil and fuel layers are recovered from the mixtures and used to manufacture fuel oil. Water layers are treated to meet applicable sewer discharge standards. Solid Materials are tested and permitted for landfill or thermal treatment.

For more information or to set up waste fuel pick up service with RDO please contact our Transportation Department for pricing and availability information. Contact Us