Reno Drain Oil Service


Drum Reconditioning & Recycling

Nevada Department of Environmental Protection

Registration of RDO Tanks with the Nevada Petroleum Fund for Reimbursement/Insurance Coverage.
Authorization for Recycling of Petroleum Tanks and Drums
Authorization to Accept Used Oil from California

Washoe County District Health Department
Authorization for Recycling of Petroleum Tanks and Drums
Health Permit for the Operation of a Used Oil Recycling Facility
Authorization for Accepting Empty Hazardous Material and Chemical Drums for Recycling
Special Use Permit #SPB12-49-85 Operation of a Used Oil Transfer Facility

RDO provides this needed service to reduce your on site liability. Empty drums accumulate quickly and become a housekeeping problem for your business. RDO is prepared to remove and recycle petroleum based residues from empty drums before cleaning the drums for reuse or recycling the drums for use in metal manufacturing.

For more information related to tank removal or tank abandonment services please contact our Transportation Department. Contact Us