Reno Drain Oil Service


Used Storage Tank Sales

RDO sales used storage tanks for Non-potable water storage use. Some tanks RDO recieves are still suitable for use in non-potable water use in private industry and fire suppression. All used tanks are entered by way of confined space entry and cleaned to remove any solids or residual fuel staining. The entry hole is then welded closed and the tank is pressure tested to ensure soundness.

RDO has a large inventory of quality used above and below ground storage tanks and equipment. Tank sizes available range from 1,000 – 20,000 gallons.

Compared to the cost of a new storage tank you will find RDO used tank sales a welcome alternative to buying new. We can also load the tank(s) on your transport vehicles or delivery is also available.

For more information related to tank removal or tank abandonment services please contact our Environmental Department. Contact Us