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Emergency Spill Response/Corrective Action

All companies that produce, use, generate, store or transport materials or wastes run the risk of release. RDO offers the following Spill Response related services.

Emergency Spill Response Cleanup
Remedial Services/Corrective Action
Environmental Manager Oversight Services

RDO has a trained and fully equipped emergency response crew available at all times to respond to a release. We have remedied petroleum releases from storage tanks, ruptured drums, tanker truck accidents and even downed aircraft.

Vehicle Accident ReleaseTank Overfill Emergency ResponseGas Island Release

A rapid response time is critical for early containment and ultimate cost reduction. Thus, RDO can respond rapidly to an emergency release in Northern Nevada and Northeastern California. Our State Certified Environmental Managers/OSHA Certified Material Technicians insure regulatory compliance and our experience with waste recycling helps keep costs down.

Generators of substances/materials or wastes should have an emergency spill contractor to minimize liability associated with personal injury and “bad press.” RDO offers clients a Spill Response Contract at preferred rates.

Our customers include small businesses, major corporations, military/government installations and insurance companies. Please contact RDO’s environmental staff for a list of references, rates and to request our services.

Utility runoff pond spill and clean up.Pond Spill and clean up.Utility runoff pond spill and clean up.Utility runoff pond spill and clean up.

We sincerely hope you never need our emergency spill response services, however RDO is here to help if you do.

For more information related to Emergency Spill Response services please contact our Environmental Department. Contact Us